Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post since becoming a mum of three! Firstly – thank you all so much for your wonderful words of kindness and congratulations – once again, it was completely overwhelming and absolutely lovely of you all!

In the end, and after a WEEK (yes really!) of early labour, Elizabeth Jean shot out one day early on the 12th October weighing a healthy – and not too giant – 7lb10oz. Not in Waitrose freezer aisle. Not in a layby on the M11 but thankfully, as planned in hospital in Cambridge – phew!

But… a girl! Crikey! We were convinced we were on for another boy  – the loveliest giant shock I’ve ever had!

photo 2So far, she’s a pretty chilled out little thing with a head of dark hair, huge eyes and a reassuringly enormous set of lungs! Three down… how many more to go?! God I love it! J

So here we are – a family of five! Happily, it turns out that mum was right (not that there was ever any real doubt!) that the transition to more children beyond two is surprisingly minimal. It sounds crazy and of course there are the occasional ‘AHRGH’ moments – but by and large you know what you’re doing and you’ve already sussed out coping methods for dealing with multiple children. The answer for me, as always, is my adored Baby Bjorn sling. In fact, Libby is in it so much that it’s very much like I’m still pregnant except she’s on the outside not the inside!

And it was wearing said sling that we started on the all-important Christmas preparations on a wet and chilly afternoon a week or so ago. With the last of our bumper crop of apples stewed, bagged and frozen (I almost had a little production line going!)  – indoor activities had felt a little thin on the ground. Salt dough! I suddenly thought – of course!

photo 1You know, it’s AMAZING how long you can string out an activity like this for with little ones! You have the making of the dough itself (recipe below). Then the rolling, cutting, shaping – or freestyle Christmas worms (who knew?!) that were my three years old’s favourite! Then a few days later you can go in with the paint, glue and glitter before stringing them up to make garlands and Christmas tree decorations for grandparents. If you can cope with an explosion of glitter and a slightly paint spattered baby (just the baby-gro covered legs thankfully!) then it’s a great way to get the ball rolling and they’ll be lovely to look back on in a few years.

Next  we’ll be trying our hands at stuffed fabric hearts for the tree – a five year old, a three year old, a pair of pinking shears and a newborn in a sling… what could possibly go wrong?!

See you soon!

Love Becky x


Salt Dough Recipe:

½ cup of table salt

½ cup of water

1 cup of flour

Mix together the salt and flour, then slowly add the water until it comes together to form a dough. You may need slightly more or less water so adjust as required – but you want it to be fairly dry and knead-able.

Knead it until smooth (a great arm workout!) and then roll out and go mad with the cookie cutters or festively freestyle!

Dry in a very low oven overnight or zap them for 10 seconds at a time in a microwave. Keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t overcook and bubble up.

Then paint, glue and glitter while you bop along to Wham!  Happy Days!


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