Our Story

I’ll be honest – I never thought I could ever find a job that excited me as much as presenting does. And, despite being surrounded by entrepreneurial family on both sides, starting my own business was never a road that I thought life would take me down.

Our Story - by Becky Mantin

Until I became a mum.

It was in May 2012 that both my second son and the idea for this business were born.

My eldest son Rory was 19 months and our new baby Thomas only a few days old when my husband Jack had decided to take Rory out to a local playbarn. After some persuasion - (he’s a very fuss-free rugby boy who will only carry something if it’s either a giant kit bag or if it fits in his pocket!) – he took the change bag with him.

When they returned a couple of hours later he reported an amusing but less that pleasant incident involving a significant nappy change and the unlucky omission of baby wipes from the change kit – you can probably picture the scene. Eurgh!

A thought suddenly flashed through my mind. Why had no one invented a complete, individually packed, single-use nappy change kit that – in homage to bag-hating dads – fits into your back pocket? Then we could just grab and go, knowing that we were covered for all eventualities. Easy!

That was it really. A moment experienced in some form by parents the world over every day — and one that could so easily have been forgotten.

For some reason though, I didn’t forget it. Without quite meaning to I just kept mulling it over. It seemed crazy to me that, in a world as technologically and scientifically advanced as ours, no one had thought of a way to give parents of small children – the busiest group of all – just one less thing to think about.

That year was pretty full on with family illness, a relocation from Richmond to Cookham Dean in Berkshire as we pursued a more rural idyll for our children and Jack launching a new business – as well as two little ones to look after. Consequently, it was six months before I made that first phone call that started me on the long road to learn how to turn my idea into an actual product – and, of course, how to design, manufacture, sell, promote and run a new business!

Our Story - by Becky Mantin

So here we are! Finally up and running and now with several other products lined up and ready to launch in the next few months – all of them aimed at making it even just a little bit easier to be a parent. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear!

I really hope you like the Nappy Grab Bag and that it does indeed makes parenting just that little bit easier – I’d love to hear what you think! (And remember, if you have an idea that you can’t let go of, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!)

Thank you so much for your support!
Love Becky x